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bbBlog 2.0 (plugin)

  • Maurice


    I’ve finally finished bbBlog 2.0. This plugin adds a blog page to you bbPress forum, using posts from a forum category, specified by you. (For those wanting to do some simple blogging without the WordPress installation hassle…)

    You can download it here:



    – Total rewrite of the bbBlog plugin (1.0 compatible)

    – Now a link to the blog is created under the “Views list” at the front-page (forum index)

    – The blog items are now correctly filtering bold text, hyperlinks, smilies, etc (thanks _ck_)

    – Comments() link now goes to the first comment made (thanks _ck_)

    – You can now prevent members and guests to start blog posts (they can still reply)

    – Now also showing topic tags

    – Added sticky support: Topics marked as sticky now show on top on the blog page

    – Admin display redesigned to match bbPress 1.0 admin area

    – Blog post date uses the same Date Format as set in: Admin -> Settings -> General -> Date Format

    – Now shows blog main category no subforums yet)

    – Now pre-loads the selected (blog) forum in the dropdownlistbox in the admin area (thanks Ben L.)

    To do:

    – Set as start page, can be done by htcacces, how does WP do this?

    – Generate a nicer error message when there are no topics in the blog like: “No blog started yet”

    – Show some confirmation when settings are saved (this is broken in 1.0)

    – Add pagination

    – A “Read more” functionality. Show a Read more link after an amount of words set in the admin

    – Add: You are not allowed to create new topics (like when locked topics)

    – Sub category support (admin option?)

    – Separate tags with commas


    ps: I am NO programmer, so don’t expect much support. Code suggestions and help (esp. with Read more and pagination) are welcome.

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  • grassrootspa


    This is so awesome. Way to go Maurice.



    Great idea, thumbs up!!!



    This ia a great plugin! Thank you very much!

    I did have to make quite a lot of edits to get it to display correctly, but I’m sure most will – depending on the theme they’re using.

    I’ve been looking for this for a long time. :) Kudos!

    The theme you’re using is a very hard one, so you could expect problems :P]

    And thanks to you for releasing this plugin, make sure to get in the directory!

    Very nice plugin and idea ;)

    Thanks a lot!



    Great work! I needed to display last messages at frong page and you plugin makes this!



    Thanks for the great replies.

    At the moment, I am kinda in doubt if I should continue developing this plugin or not. Since bbPress is going to be a WordPress plugin, it would make this plugin kinda useless? Or not?




    lol, have been pondering the same thing. The decision to require WordPress to run bbPress is also making me rethink my various bbPress project ideas…

    @Maurice i checked your plugin, I like the idea, but I didn’t see what was making the use of this plugin beneficial.

    I do really wish bbPress will become a plugin soon, in that case, 1 billion WP plugins will be available to our use instantly.



    bbPress, the WP plugin, is coming… not soon, but it’s coming.



    When the “bbPress plugin for wordpress” arrives, I will have the choice to keep using bbpress as standalone product or I will be forced to migrate to wordpress + bbpress??



    You will always have the code you have right now, which is standalone. The old version will always be available. (I know nothing is forever, but if you want a copy of the standalone version, grab it now to ensure you have it.) It might not keep up with developments, but you’d at least have a version to use. Barring any security problems, I don’t see why you couldn’t just keep using that.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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