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bb_get_user needs a numeric ID

  • Hi,

    I get this message when I try to post or reply to a post.

    I did search this forum for help, but most topics relate to a notification plugin which I don’t have. I can also see my profile fine. No errors there. Is just when I try to post. And is a new error, because I already posted several times before.

    Is there another reason for this error? How can I fix it?

    HELP! :-/

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  • chrishajer


    I have heard this before, and it was a problem with the user-timezones plugin (version 1 – apparently version 2 fixed the problem.) Are you using that? Are you using any other plugins?

    In my plugin directory I have the following






    Where else should I look for something wrong? I don’t know php or all that stuff. I know basic HTML and how to modify css but I’m not a programmer or anything like that… I’m only a plant grower (horticulturist) :-)


    Easiest thing to do is take all the plugins out and add them one by one until you find out which one is the problem because one of them is for sure….


    Deleting a plug means just deleting the file?

    I also changed the CSS. Do you think that could be?

    Ok. I deleted all the plugins and then when I try to post I don’t get the error… but a blank page :-/ Any ideas?



    Did you modify any of your template files to call any of your plugins? Sounds like a template file is referencing a plugin that no longer exists.

    Let’s see, which of these require a modification to the template:

    NO: allow-images.php

    ?: bb-avatar.php

    NO: comment_QT_4_bbpress.php

    NO: fix-bbpress.php

    NO: js_quicktags.js

    Maybe the bb-avatar plugin required a change to a template and that is causing trouble now?

    Thanks! What I did is ovewrite some of the php files that I modified and that solved the problem :) Then I uploaded some plugins that did not require to modify those files.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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