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bb topic view problem

  • Hello all,

    Here is my little problem…

    I’ve well integrated this plugin in my forum (as a new column).

    Everything goes well except the size of the view_count column… It seems to be a not fixed value and it destroy all the front_page structure.

    I’m not so good in css but it should exist a value to modify this to a fixed size …

    here is my forum :

    I’m using 9.0.4.

    Thanx a lot for answers.

    And excuse my not so good english.

    Have a nice day !


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  • Is there someone in the place to guide me ?

    Is it better to write a CSS rule (and what kind of rule do I have to write) or to change something in the plugin php files…

    Thanx a lot for your answers !


    It is a pure CSS problem and very easy to fix – just add widths to the columns. And the problem is mostly in the column which holds the titles. So, try something like this:

    td.text { width: 63%; padding-left: 2%; } { width: 20%; }
    td.view { width: 15%; }

    All the widths add up to 100%. You can also skip the last rule (for .view) as it will automatically fill the remaining space (in most browsers I believe).

    and drop the first column altogether ( .watcher ) if you are using it only for spacing.

    Thanx a lot for your help dragunoff !

    It’s indeed an easy css basics ;) I think I’ll learn it one day …

    I just add the .view one width because other rules break my Tags position…

    Everything is fine now !

    Thank you and have a nice evening !



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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