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BB press not showing topics

  • dutt


    Dear Team,
    thanks for creating this amazing plugin but the problem is when i create the page it dont show any topic in it.

    Q&A: Expert Support Forum For Natural Hair Extensions

    see the above link i create one topic at backend but it dont show me any topic there.
    is there anything wrong in configuration of ime.
    can you help me in it also
    as you can see in permlink it showing twom time forums forums how can i remove it????
    please help

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  • Robin W


    just created a topic – can you repeat what your issue is



    Yes its working fine now.
    now i have one issue.
    You posta question but without my approval it directly reflected on the website.
    how can i make it manually approve before shown to visitors to avoid any adult content or spam content.
    Also how can i show login register form to users?
    or will woocommerce my account login customers able to use their account or they need to login seprately there?



    also i have list of questions in one excel is there any possible way to import it in bbpress as different different topic???
    thanks for help in advance

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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