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BB press look

  • Is the way this forum works the way BBpress actually looks? Can it be modified to look a bit less basic?

    I have found simple press and quite like how this looks. However, it doesn’t have an integration facility for php forums like this one.

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  • ok i have looked at some sites in the presentation section and i can see that BB press can be changed to look like it fits into place.

    Does anyone know how a theme will change the look of bbpress? will bb press automatically change to look like the new theme?



    I suppose you’ll need to define “a bit less basic”. Everyone’s opinion of the way things look is different.

    And bbPress will not change theme automatically I’m afraid. You’ll have to theme it yourself or use an exisiting one

    does bbpres have different themes then?



    It comes with 1 default theme, but you can create your own very easily or download others from the internet. There are not that many around currently, but enough for most people.

    It would be very helpful to enable us to answer you if you give us some information about what you were looking for in a theme or forum?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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