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BB Press 2.0 in BP 1.5.1 – What does add this topic to favourites do?

  • rossagrant


    I know this sounds basic guys, but adding a topic to favourites doesn’t seem to do much on my install.

    It adds it okay, but when you then click on the resulting link which changes to ‘favourites’ it just takes me to my BP profile.

    The favourite doesn’t appear under the ‘favourites’ tab in my profile or under the ‘forums’ tab in my profile.

    What is supposed to happen and what is the forums tab on my profile supposed to show?

    This is happening over on too?

    Surely these tabs should be populated by my topics started and favourite topics?

    Cheers guys!

    Ross :)

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  • Anointed


    sounds like something is wrong with your setup as I am able to see both subscribed and favorite posts in user profiles. No idea, what the cause could be.

    *maybe deactivate all plugins and try activating twentyten theme? Also check to see if you have any .js errors going on.



    Thanks for the reply.

    This isn’t just happening on my setup though, it’s happening over at too.

    If you get an account, sign in and favourite any topic, then click on favourites… it won’t show any topics or anything.

    Same happens if you reply to or start a new forum topic. this doesn’t show up in the BP profile tab which is labelled ‘Forums’ in your profile.

    I’m guessing it should, but no such luck so far.

    Anyone using this with Buddypress and have a similar experience?



    rossagrant, are you looking at the buddypress profile? i ran into something that sounds similar and the issue was that some of bbpress / buddypress integration is in progress and planned for next release. here’s the previous topic thread, which might be of use (includes workaround plugin from travishill)



    Ahh my bad, I didn’t recognize you were talking about bp vs. bbp.

    Someday I’m really going to have to install buddypress as so many people ask questions on this forum about it and I can’t help without first knowing about bp.



    Hmm so there’s no way to code this in until it’s released? I would LOVE to be able to have favorites/subscriptions in the BP profile. I need the functionality of both!

    Additionally, it would be great to also have a list of ‘Mine’ discussions on the profile too.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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