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BB Poll Plugin

  • I was wondering if there was a way to make all post have a default poll question. Im starting a freebie forum, where users can submit free stuff they find online, I would like to set each post started to have a simple yes/no poll, like did this freebie offer work? Can this be done?

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  • Nothing easy comes to mind because it requires just the first post to have a poll and nothing else. It would be a call on the topic creation only which might be easy enough, but I don’t recall anyone doing anything with that. Isn’t there a poll plugin for bbPress now? Maybe changing it a bit?


    Unfortunately I’m not much of a coder, I get by, but hacking code to make it work in a specific way is a little over my head. Regarding the poll-plugin I was referring to that, wondering if anyone got it to work in this manner.

    How would I have known that….read the title of this post? ;) *slaps himself for not reading it* ! How does that plugin add the polls now? Through code or buttons in create post and replies? That might help others think of possible solutions.


    The way the poll is applied is once you posted a new topic you are than asked if you want to create a poll, the poll creation is fairly straight forward: title of poll => choose if single or multiple votes allowed => you can place as much as 10 questions => submit. Hope that helps.



    Fresh, new copy of bbpress. installed this plugin, didn’t change settings and I’m not seeing any way to add a poll to a post. Do I need to change a template?



    I am not sure why people bump year old topics instead of posting on the page for the plugin itself, but to answer your question, if you are logged in and admin, you can add a poll anytime. Otherwise the ability to add a poll expires an hour after the topic is started by default (which you can change in the settings).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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