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bb-avatars (gr)avatar plugin

  • I’ve made a plugin that lets you set your own default gravatar.

    You can also choose to use Identicons, Wavatar or monsterID as the default gravatar.

    You set the size and the rating you want.

    This plugin overrides the built in Gravatar function, but you still have to choose to show the avatars in the standard options page, but all other gravatar options from that page is ignored.

    I’ve tested it on bbPress and 1.0-dev (from trunk), but it should work on all 0.9.x versions.

    You can download the plugin from here.

    I’ve also submitted it to the plugins list here on, and will (hopefully) show up there to :-)


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  • Great man, keep up the good work!!!

    Sam Bauers


    Just yesterday I enabled Gravatars built in support for MonsterID, etc. in core in trunk and 0.9 branch.

    Yea, I noticed :-)

    Just as I uploaded the plugin I read my emails.

    But still, this also gives you control with the size of the gravatars (and identicons etc), and you can specify your own default image by stating an URI to the image, so hopefully it gives a bit more control!



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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