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bb Attachments plugin fixed to be compatible with bbPress 1.0+

  • Gautam


    Hello all,

    I have fixed the bb Attachments plugin by _ck_ to be compatible with bbPress 1.0. There are many changes in it like changing the deprecated function names in bbPress 1.0, fixing the issue of plugin not creating database table on activation, etc.

    You can download it here –

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  • Gautam



    That problem is only for you, maybe some other plugin would be conflicting.

    Steven Hodson


    @Gautam I gave your ‘fixed’ plugin a shot but it still isn’t wanting to play nice with my set-up (PHP / IIS) as you can see from the screenshot –

    back the to hair-pulling I guess :)

    Steven Hodson


    @Gautam .. I did manage to find one of the things that was causing a problem. It has to do as I suspected with the PHP $_SERVER[“DOCUMENT_ROOT”] variable. It doesn’t exist in an PHP install on IIS.

    Now I have found a work-around that <gasp> works and when tested returns the proper path (eg: C:/Domains/ – which from what I can tell in the “instructions” is exactly how it is suppose to be)

    But when I try to upload a file (text/image) I get the following two errors and I was hoping that maybe you could help figure out what might be causing them

    Warning: filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for 83def462ed888db6e1ad898505ea40b6 in C:Domainswinextra.comwwwrootforumsmy-pluginsbb-attachmentsbb-attachments.php on line 342

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at C:Domainswinextra.comwwwrootforumsmy-pluginsbb-attachmentsbb-attachments.php:342) in on line 228

    any help (from anyone :) ) would be greatly appreciated as this is the last real big complaint my members have.

    EDIT: The files are getting uploaded but to the root folder and they are not being entered into the bb-attachments table –

    I got it working with 1.0 in way back October

    got problems with this plugin:

    it doesn’t create db table automatically

    poor eror hadling; it says Faild without further details

    missorganized; directory out of site root (wp puts every upload in upload directory with no security problemes)

    have an idea of integrating the curent wp attachment sytem (and logic) into bbpress.. it needs only time!

    ..but, thanx for _ck_ an Gautam for their efforts in this plugin and their help making the bbpress community wider!



    The directory is above site root by default but you can put it anywhere if you don’t care about security. The way WP does it is completely insecure on shared servers. Any chmod 777 folder under the webroot is a beautiful target for evil hackers.

    A small percentage of people still seem to have problems with the install routine that is supposed to run upon activation and create the table. I had to use a workaround because of a bug with 0.8 and IIs users but that may break it for other people, especially with 1.0

    you can try replacing the bb_register_activation_hook line with the conventional line that might finally be working correctly under 1.x

    bb_register_plugin_activation_hook(__FILE__, 'bb_attachments_install');

    Keep in mind I have not updated bb-attachment in over a year due to a lack of donations, so feel free to write your own. Keep in mind whatever you write will not be compatible/necessary with the eventual version of bbpress that runs as a WP plugin.

    Hello everyone, I have installed bb attachments and I can see the files getting uploaded on the server but in the post I just get a blue square with a questionmark in it instead of the image and the links to the attachments doesnt work either.

    Is there someone here who could help me with this issue?

    Thank you very much




    This is so weird. I installed the plugin, and it works perfectly… but I can’t find the physical files on my server anywhere. :-/ ARe they being stored in the DB now, by chance?

Viewing 9 replies - 26 through 34 (of 34 total)
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