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Banning IP Adresses and Email adresses

  • I would like to be able to separate Members from spammers and put them on a listing so they will not be able to keep registering under the IP and email. Also this being the second forum moderation for this forum changeover from vbulletin. Though registration is supposed to be moderated by me somehow not all registrants are going through the approve and reject form.

    I have been moderating this forum for more than two years this new switch is not much of an improvement on the old. I cannot get spammers IP’s until they post which is pointless even if I could as I cannot use this info. I used to submit to stop forum spam and get ahead of the game at times by having popular spammer IP’s listed. In any case I do have an IT for the forum but I don’t get much help so any upgrade would help as I can forward it on and make them implement it. Essentially I would like to delete all my banned persons and keep their information on a set up that would bar them access when the try to register and limit the amount of letters in email addresses to 15 and the username to 10 as I have previously. I have 500+ registrants and only 200 of them are legit members I need to get rid of them otherwise members will not come as I don’t know if members can see them but I can. If anyone can advise me I would love some help as I am a volunteer.

    Thanks Stella


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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