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Bandwidth usage vs phpBB

  • mr_cynical


    I currently run a small forum (for my Guild Wars guild) using phpBB. Would bbPress use less bandwidth (for the same posts) than phpBB?

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  • Depends on your theme/templates I think. The default template is very small; I think files go between 15 and 20 kB. Obviously avatars can add a lot to that and whatever else you want to add to your theme (if anything) can too. But it’s not really about the software behind it that determines the bandwidth usage.

    In my opinion it would require less bandwidth as this was the first thing I noticed when I switched over from phpBB to bbPress myself. I would imagine this is due to the fact that bbPress is less ‘bloated’ with code in the core, but if you use a bunch of plugins, this can get you back up again. The database structure is less and the number of calls is less, but that has nothing to do with bandwidth.

    The data served is about the same.

    I think it is less, others have a comment on this?




    OK, thanks. I probably wouldn’t be using all that many plugins (just Private Forums and the remote avatar plugin), and avatars would only be done via hotlinking to the likes of Photobucket, Imageshack etc. I’ll give phpBB time to settle in (the bandwidth per visit I’m seeing at the moment might just be because of the install a couple of weeks ago) and consider the switch later.

    Again I recommend looking at the sizes of each page served. Firebug can do that for you under the ‘Net’ tab.

    Nice fel64! That is one to remember (install) ! ! !


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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