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Bad slash prevents style sheet

  • Someone please tell me how I screwed this up: My forum won’t display using the proper style sheet. When viewing the page source, I see that in compiling the header, one of the slashes, between the domain and the path, is reversed:

    <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”http://www.ghoulash.comforums/my-templates/kakumei/style.css&#8221; type=”text/css” />

    I’ve reviewed my config file and all of the relevant .php files, but I can’t find where the slash gets reversed. This is an issue in Firefox on Mac and IE in Windows. It’s not an issue in Safari on Mac, which forgives the reversed slash.

    I’d appreciate any ideas or suggestions. Thanks.

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  • I see a similar problem and a possible fix in another thread.

    bb-includes/template-functions.php open it up

    find bb_get_stylesheet_uri

    see if you have a backslash there.

    $r = bb_get_option( ‘uri’ ) . “bb-templates/kakumei/$css_file”;


    This thread will help out I think:

    If not, let me know as then I am assuming you have this installed on a localhost ?


    The path-to-url.php plug-in did not seem to work. Yes, I do have it installed on a localhost, and I can see where that might be a problem.

    Just the same as I. Trent, I posted this yesterday or whatever..


    Ghoulash and Spencerp

    Have a look at my post at the bottom of the thread.

    Same problem and not solved by the plug-in. A few tweaks and now works great.

    nanome, I had just read that post and used your tweaked code to solve the problem. Thanks so much.

    While the issue technically is resolved, I think the fix creates other issues with slashes and paths. For instance, the main stylesheet displays correctly, but when I access my admin panel and then attempt to drill down into subcategories (Users, Content, Presentation, etc.), I get errors or weird redirects (

    ISSUE NOW RESOLVED. I have reinstalled bbPress, this time using only a pure text editor (TextWrangler) and a different FTP client. Before I was using Dreamweaver as my interface, and you would think, after years of web work and experience with DW’s thug-like behavior with relative paths, that I would have known better.

    By the way, upon reinstalling without using DW, I did not have the initial reverse-slash issue. In other words, I am not having to use the path-to-url plugin, with or without its subsequent tweak.

    By the way 2: I know this would be a “duh” comment for many, but just in case it helps someone avoid the problems I had: When running bb-admin/install.php, in the field where it calls for your web site, do not enter a trailing slash. I tend to add one out of habit, and I think that was the cause of some of my earlier problems.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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