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Bad Post# Next to Time Stamps

  • luskyj89


    Hi guys.

    I’ve encountered a strange issue that I’ve searched and searched for a solution to but haven’t been able to come up with anything. The post number next to the time stamps on every post are weirdly off. The count goes up sometimes by 10 or even 100 out of no where. So now even though there are only 170 legitimate posts on the forum, the post count reads something like #580 when we create new posts. You can see it happening in this thread:

    The post # goes from 273 to 282. Then it goes from 282 to 410. This can’t be correct given the total number of posts being 170. I’ve tried using the recalculating and recounting tools, but to no avail.

    Website is
    WP version: 3.7.1
    BBP version: 2.5.1

    I’m using a theme, but this issue existed when I was using TwentyTwelve as well. Any help is much appreciated.

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  • Firstly, that field is the ‘Post ID’ and everytime WordPress creates a post, page or bbPress topic, reply etc this gets incremented. This issue could happen ‘if’ there were 100 edits to a WordPress post, page or bbPress topic etc, though I think you might have mentioned that if that was the case.

    I would suggest the quickest way to see what is going on would be in ‘phpMyAdmin’ and have a look at the wp_posts table and have a look at the ID field in this table, these will match the ID’s you mention above and then you can look at the id’s in betwwen those values and the other fields should give you an idea of what content is in those posts which will help you track down the issue.

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