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backslashes – lack of!! how do i get them to show?

  • Hi im having a few problems posting posts with backslashes in (ie for a location on a hard disk) they all seem to be removed from the post once it is up. can i stop this from happening as the posts dont make much sense without them?

    im using bbpress in a buddypress setup



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  • chrishajer





    Seems to work here. So, where is your forum located, and what plugins are you using?

    Also, since it’s BuddyPress, you might want to check at the BuddyPress support forum since I have never heard of the problem with bbPress before.



    Might be a problem with magic quotes turned on.

    Check your phpinfo to see.

    Hi Chris

    thanks for reply – yes seems to work ok here. its located at – i have buddypress with forum capability which is run by bbpress. it seems to be stripping out all the from the posts. i know there was a previous problem by the look of the forums about backslashes showing where they shouldnt – this may be in part due to the fix…

    it might as you say be a buddy press issue – ive stuck a post on their forum too but have not had a reply as yet.


    Hi Ck

    thanks for reply – how would i alter the magic quotes settings if they are on – (im on a shared server)




    Hi Paul,

    Just so you know, if you areusing the bbpress plugin that works with buddy press, then you’re not using bbpress.

    It’s a fork from last years release hacked to work with buddypress. That’s not to say bad things about it though, how it was done was really great, it’s just confusing.

    Don worry though, they’re making a new wordpress plugin that’s not this software or the buddypress plugin, and they’re going to call that bbpress too. At thy time, we’ll all b confused ;)

    Hi Kevin

    thanks very much for the reply. you are right im using the plugin.. and i am quite confused.

    ill hang on a bit – and post on the buddypress forum rather than this one then for this problem.

    thanks all for the answers


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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