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Backend and admin functions?

  • andreas7777777



    I run a very large community (ca. 3 Mio posts, 60k users) and using over 17 years Woltlab as community software. Basically, my community is a forum / discussion board, but also has a magazine, gallery and a marketplace.

    As I work for many years with WordPress on other projects, I really like the pros in using an open system. Thats the total opposite of a software like WBB from Woltlab, and its getting worser and worser.

    So, I really think its time for changing the system and that finally 😉 brings me to my questions:

    1. There is no direct importer for Woltlab, right? As far as I read you must transfer the data to phpbb and then there is an importer phpbb >> bbpress, right?

    2. How is the performance if you are running a very large community?

    3. I watched a few sites that uses bbpress, but they only give me little impressions how the functionality of the software is. Is there a documentation on how the moderation works / what functions exists?

    Thanks in advance!

    Regards, Andreas

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  • sourfew


    Expect to notice slower performance but with a fast host, updated platform with PHP 7+, nginx etc it should work ok.
    Elasticsearch or Solr for better and faster search.

    The importer in 2.6 is much better than 2.5 but expect 10+ hours for the conversion.

    I’am in the process of migrating from vbulletin to get a unified platform.

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