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Avatars not integrating from WordPress into bbPress forums

  • I’ve recently integrated a wordpress site I’ve been working on with bbpress to implement forums. Everything from styling to user login has come off pretty well, however, I’m still having an issue with the avatars not showing up inside the forums (bbpress). User integration seems to be setup correctly as login and profile info holds when switching between WP/bbP, but avatars are still showing up as ‘Mystery Man’ icon. Site can be viewed here:

    Any guidance someone could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  • zaerl


    You did use an email registered on

    The site Admin email is actually the same email I have registered with, which shows the gravatar fine in WP. The issue that when a new user registers for the site and uploads an avatar (global or local), their avatar then displays correctly in WP, but nothing in bbPress. I should point out that all registration of new users is handled through WP, hence the need for integration with bbPress. User integration appears to be functioning normally except no visible avatars/gravatars in bbPress.



    and uploads an avatar (global or local)

    It seems that you are using a plugin (Add Local Avatar) that allow your users to upload avatars on WordPress. bbPress use gravatar and cannot automagically determine that you are using that particular WordPress plugin.

    bbPress is a standalone software that can share session cookie and the users database with WordPress. Nothing more.

    @zaerl, point taken.

    Yes, I am indeed using the ‘Add Local Avatar’ plugin within WP, and now that someone has been so kind to point out my loss of common sense, it’s very apparent why integrating WP via sharing cookies would have no affect on a user’s avatar which does not reside in that database.

    So this leaves me with a problem, how do I get avatars from a specific directory to be recognized within bbPress relative to a user based on a shared session cookie?

    I’m assuming some sort of call within my post.php file which is where the avatar will be called into action, but this is beyond my limited PHP knowledge, any advice on how to proceed forward?



    Well you have the same user database so you can easily access the user email. You should write a plugin that override the gravatar display functions (through the bb_get_avatar filter) and catch the images in /avatars (if exist). Sort of “Add Local Avatar” counterpart for bbPress.

    This can be challenging without medium PHP knowledges.

    Thanks for the advice. I think I’ll look into the “Add Local Avatar” plugin and see what knowledge I can take from there. I do have the avatars setup inside /avatars so that’s a good place to start. If nothing else I’ll pick up plenty of PHP along the way.



    There are a lot of avatar plugin for bbPress and maybe you can get some ispiration from them. The best is bavatars.



    Just wondering, any success with this? would be appreciated as im in your boat with this issue, i already have people with uploaded avatars in WP and dont really want to change my avatar system.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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