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Avatars not displaying in forum replies?

  • theENiGMAman


    Firstly thanks to bbpress for the great plugin for WP – it’s made forum integration so much better for everyone!

    I’ve run into a issue on bbpress that I am unsure how to remedy, On our bbpress forums replies made by users (of any forum role) do not display the avatar or username, instead it only displays their forum role. I’ve Googled the issue but there doesn’t seem to have been an issue like this before that I can find.

    Here is a link to show the problem:

    Wordpress Version: 3.9
    Buddypress Verion: 2.0.1
    bbpress version: 2.5.3

    Thanks in advance for any assistance 🙂

    **Update: Checked for any conflicting plugins by disabling all but bbrpess & buddpress – issue was still there**

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  • Robin W


    have you tried switching themes to a default one such as twnentytwelve to eliminate a theme issue?



    Thanks @robin-w it is in fact a theme issue, I’m now guessing there is some snippet of code which i’ll have to insert into the theme, does anyone know by chance which code snippet is required, or have a link to another thread on here to help my boneheaded self out – thanks again for all your help 😀

    Robin W


    Think your next step is to the theme author

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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