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Avatars and username strangness only in forum replies

  • Volvon



    I am having an issue with the forum. The original posts are fine, but any replies made to the OP and the avatar is small, and misaligned along with the username not being formatted correctly either.

    See for yourself here:

    I use WP User Avatar, but I de-activated it, deleted it, de-activated BBP, all made zero difference, so I am not sure it is related, especially as the original post in forums displays everything correctly, it is only replies that have the issue.

    I have searched through this support forum for days without finding a fix.

    I have also gone through most code that I think might affect it but have not found anything.

    I cannot find the code that says the avatar should be smaller in replies, is this normal for BBP or is my theme making this happen?

    So any ideas even if you can tell me if it is a theme issue, BBP issue, or whatever. I am totally at a loss where to look now.

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  • Volvon


    It was my theme, so if anyone finds this page via a search engine, it probably isn’t to do with bbppress itself, more likely your theme CSS messing it up a bit. Every theme is different so your problem might be different that mine. But don’t go messing round with BBpress, that seems fine, I went though most of the code and Css for it! lol

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