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avatar upload: where to put code for avatar in sidebar on profile page?

  • I am using avatar upload. It is working fine, but I have a couple questions. I have the avatar working on posts, but cannot find the correct file or location to for the avatar on the profile page.

    My site is:

    I am using the iNove theme/template, which has the avatar image in the right sidebar on the profile page. Help, I’m driving myself crazy looking through random php folders for any sign of an avatar reference!

    Also, the avatar I chose for myself has an oblong shape and did not get resized correctly. Any fix or is it necessary to upload more “square” shaped pictures. Look at only post for reference.

    And when I put the code in the bb-post.php, I replaced the call for an avatar code that was already there. Is this right or should I have just added it before or after?

    Thanks for any help,


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