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Avatar sharing between buddypress and bbpress

  • rameshjmenon


    Hello All,

    I have decided to make wpmu as the only point of registration on my website though I have buddypress and bbpress configured with cookie sharing (it works well). Since I use the same user table and since I have loaded the wp-blog-header.php in bb-config.php using require_once, isn’t it possible for me to display the avatars used by buddypress users in bbpress ?

    I have tried modifying the top posters plugins to use the get_avatar($k->posterid,’32’) function and it displays a mystery man icon instead of the correct buddypress/wpmu thumbnail.

    Too much to ask for? I really don’t want to allow users to add thumbnail from all places. (blog, user profile, bbpress profile)

    Kindly help

    Best Regards

    Ramesh J Menon

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  • this is the code I use… (in post.php) hopefully that can lead you in the right track to finding the right code for your plugin.

    <?php echo bp_core_get_avatar( get_post_author_id() ); ?>

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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