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Automatically post from blog to forums & comment from blog to forum

  • krroken


    Hi everyone,

    i am new to bbPress, i took some time to search the forums for answers but i have only found a few things.

    So here is my issue. I’m starting a new blog and i would like :
    1. my blog posts to be automatically posted to the forums (either with full post content or with excerpt & link back to the blog).
    2. people that want to comment blog posts to do it from the forum (after registering)
    3. forum comments being displayed on the blog

    That’s something i used to have on an old project using IPB and WP (i had my own plugin coded to do that) but i was expecting bbPress to allow that directly.

    Apparently i was wrong, i only found the Topics for posts plugin to do that but it seems outdated.

    Any other simple solution to do what i want ?

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  • jezza101


    Yes I’m only aware of an old plugin. Not sure there is a recent one that does what you want.

    For what it is worth I believe it is in the development roadmap for core bbPress so should be added one day.

    Is it this ticket?

    Unfortunately bbPress development seems to have stalled a little with buddyPress taking much of the attention these days (?). I did actually contribute to a crowd funding campaign in the hope to kickstart bbPress development but no release came out of that sadly.

    I’d love this feature too, if my PHP skills were up to it I would work on it myself – maybe one day!



    Thx for the reply.

    That’s a major issue for me as using a forum only makes sense if it is fully integrated with the blog (at least for the project i’m working on).

    Anyway I kept digging and found this :

    The forum script is free but there is one premium plugin doing exactly what i need.

    I will test this and let you know how it goes.

    But… in the end you see what the people responded below the post in your blog. So just open it for comments and you have the same ?!?
    What am I missing here ?




    From a forum user perspective you will easily find in a proper subforum a new article that was posted in a obscure category in the website.
    Maybe for a simple blog doesn’t make sense but for a large site with many articles and categories I find it very interesting.




    Any news on this Addon?



    @jezza101, Thanks you, I have same question with krroken. thanks for your answer

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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