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Automatic keyword linking in forum posts plugin

  • I had this functionality in my phpBB installation before I switched to BBpress,. A friend of mine wrote me a piece of code which does essentially the same thing. Don’t ask me to extend it. I’m not a programmer.

    What does it do:

    It will automatically replace keywords and link them to a page you have specified.

    Example use:

    Deep linking to affiliate products or articles on your website.

    How to install it:

    1) Open the file “Text2Aff.php”. Specify the keywords and links.

    2) Upload it the folder “text2aff” to “my-plugins” folder.

    3) Log in to your admin panel and activate the plugin

    Version: This is version 0.1 and has been tested with BBpress 1.02


    Would be great to have some sort of admin panel to manage the keywords and urls. Moving this into the database. You are welcome to extend it. Any comments appreciated.

    Credit: Jason from

    Download URL:

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