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Author, Post, Favorite, Subscribe Color Change

  • Rapforthemoment


    Hey guys. On bbpress when someone posts a topic, I want to change the Author, Post, Favorite, and Subscribe colors that are above the post they make, to black. I don’t want to change the yellow background, but the text color itself. The Author, Post, Favorite, and Subscribe text color is yellow right now so you can’t see the text.

    Also, if you can. On the topics page where it shows all the posted topics on the forum, the freshness color of the topics in yellow. The Topic, Voices, Posts, and Freshness text color is black, but the freshness text below (for example, 1 day, 20 hours ago) is yellow. I’d like to change that to black also.

    If anybody can help that’d be awesome. Thank you friends!

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