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Attachments, can they be 20-30 megs?

  • nicknichols


    Greetings…after becoming disenchanted with phpBB our science forum is looking for a new home. But we need to be able to upload large documents, spreadsheets, PPTs, etc. for each other to view. If we can do the uploads/downloads of data….bbPress would be GREAT! But from what I can see one can only attach 100K docs. Is there a plugin for larger uploads? Server space is no problem for us.

    Thanks! –Nick

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  • _ck_


    You can adjust the settings in the plugin to any size.

    With broadband today I guess that won’t be too much of a problem but remember it’s passed through a PHP session so on an extremely active site that could in theory become a problem if they were publicly available downloads (the default locks downloads to members only, which is best).

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