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Attachment Upload Fails

  • ohmo


    I do not own or operate the bbPress forums I’m asking about, but the owner doesn’t want to fix things. No idea what versions they are using because they keep it hidden from the plebes. But, I’d love to offer a fix for a problem some, but not all, members are running in to.

    When using the “Upload Attachments” function, all I get is “Upload Errors!” message. This happens with Chrome, Edge, and Firefox – latest versions.

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  • Robin W


    bbpress itself does not allow uploads, so it will be an add-on plugin. is one of the favourites for that.

    The actual error is almost impossible to work out without knowing what is on the site.

    it could be file type, or file size, so give that some experience and other not, then I’d try uploading different types and different sizes to see if you can work out when this happens.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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