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=) as the exclusive title text creates unclickable topic

  • I had a user write a post with this title:


    This creates a post like this:


    I’m using the “slug” option on this test forum which uses the default theme and bbPress It looks like the =) is being sanitized to “” (an empty string), which confuses bbPress and leads to that topic resolving to an error page. On the test forum to which I just linked, I have no plugins except WordPress Integration.

    Has anybody else run into this bug? Is there an existing workaround? If other people can replicate this bug, I’ll create a ticket in Trac. Also, if there’s no existing workaround, I’ll try to create a plugin workaround.



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  • Sam Bauers


    Yeah, that’s probably sanitized into nothing.

    Add a ticket describing it in Trac.

    We’ll need to create a case for “untitled” topics like this.



    Or simply don’t let the post be made with titles that get sanitized into nothingness, or better yet, titles that are shorter than X characters – something like:

    function title_regulation($text) {
    if (strlen(trim($text))<8)
    bb_die(__('Your title is too short, please say something meaningful!'));

    if (strlen($text)>80)
    bb_die(__('Your title is too long!'));

    return $text;
    add_filter('pre_topic_title', 'title_regulation',100);

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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