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arrangements to participate

  • Olympic Games official website on August 9 hearing in the Beijing Shooting Range Hall at 10:30 am beginning the women’s 10 meter air rifle competition, the Czech player to 503.5 Emmons won the championship ring results, creating a new Olympic final record. This is also the fi

    Emmons perfect performance won the first Replica oakleys rst Olympic Games gold medal. Russia’s Galkina to 502.1 Central won the silver medal performance, the Croatian players Siniezhanuo – Pei Qiqi third, score of 500.9 ring, Du Li, China’s fifth player misOakley Asian Fit Sunglasses white

    sed the medals.

    clothes onlinelympic gold

    Competition system in accordance with arrangements to participate in the final eight players were to play ten gun, the final stage of qualifying the results calculated with different, eCoach Bags green white

    ach ring has been broken down into 10 ring values, the highest score of 10.9 ring.

    The final stage of qualifyin

    hat stores g target arrangement in accordance with the arranged order of the ranking, the Czech number one player in the target Emmons, the Russian veteran Galkina, Croatia players Siniezhana Peiqi Qi and Du Li of China athletes were No targets at 2,3,4. U.S. players 杰米拜尔勒, Kazakhstan players 奥莉加多夫贡, Poland, and France’s players 瑟尔维娅博 Jiaka Marie – Laure Ji Gong in turn arranged.

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