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Are group members the only ones who can create topic/reply in a group forum

  • weezies


    Hello. I’m a newbie, set up a WP 3.5.1/Buddypress 1.7.2/bbPress 2.3.2 site with group forums enabled. I’m not sure if what I’m running into is an issue or if it’s by design. I have a user with a participant forum role. In a group wherein this user is a member, the user can create topics, post replies. However, in a group wherein this user is NOT a member, the user is unable to create topics, post replies. Is this by design? I even changed the user’s forum role to moderator and the user is still unable to create topics/post replies in a group it’s not a member of.

    If this is by design, is there a way to get around it and allow non-members to at least post replies in groups they are not members of?

    Thank you!

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