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Are Forum Page/Slug Assignments Necessary?

  • DessertGuru


    I’m going to use bbPress but via shortcodes so that only topics and posts within the topics are displayed on pages. I don’t want the full Forum Root, Forums, Topics etc., displayed on a page. so I’m going to create individual pages for each topic assign the bbpress shortcode for the topic and posts. So is it really necessary to do page/slug assignments in bbpress setup and have the full thing displayed even though I’m not going to use the full bbpress forum display structure and I certainly don’t want to the public to see it.

    or does anyone have any other suggestions on how to accomplish this?

    The “forum” will the individual Page, the Topic will be the posts from users on the assigned page. there won’t be an actual “topic” for each forum since the forum is the topic.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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