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Archive slugs setup

  • I would like to step a support forum using BBPress within a current “regular” site. I am not sure how to set some things up. I would like to have the following URL structure…

    /support/forums/[forum name]/[topic name]

    I have setup a page with the URL /support/ because I want it to be the “home page” for support (will add list of latest topics with list of forums, .etc).

    On the forums setup page by “archive slugs” should I set the Forum archive slug to “support”? Will this break anything?

    Also, I find that there is very little documentation around to read to find help. I know this is still in beta, but is there plans for more robust documentation?



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  • qassoom


    Looking forward an answer to that question, I am in a similar situation!

    Unless you do some advanced custom rewrite rules, this is not possible. It is also not a very good idea because if you ever need to move a topic to a different forum, any existing URLs pointing to the topic will break.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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