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Apsotrophe problems in Site title, Tagline, Forum Names, and Forum Descriptions

  • I have a WordPress Blog with a fully integrated bbPress forum. In WordPress, my Blog Title (Settings->General->Blog Title) contains an apostrophe with no problems. In bbPress, I am trying to set my Site title (Settings->General->Site title) as the same as my Blog Title in Word Press with the apostrophe. bbPress puts a backslash in front of the apostrophe on first save. The second save has three backslashes. The third creates seven backslashes. And so on…

    This issue also happens in my Tagline (Settings->General->Tagline) in bbPress, but it is not an issue in WordPress (Settings->General->Tagline).

    I also have this issue in the Name and Description of Forums.

    I do not have an apostrophe issue in Topics or Posts as has been reported and solved in older posts.

    Can anyone provide a way to resolve this issue? I have searched for a solution with no success. I am a rookie. So, my apologies if this is a simple issue.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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