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Anyone here want PM on their site?

  • Kris35


    At the moment I am using Cartpauj PM which works well but Im looking around for something more streamlined. I’ve read that we can install BuddyPress and use their PM function. I’m wondering if anyone here has done this or are thinking of doing this? I’d like to compare notes to see if its worth a shot?

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  • John James Jacoby


    BuddyPress’s PMs are an okay solution for most people, the only problem being that most people will need to use BuddyPress’s profiles as a means for interacting with the UI. A custom one could be built to integrate directly with bbPress’s profiles instead, but I don’t think most users will want to go that route.



    Ta John,

    I need to look into this as currently I am using amr user list for a list of members. Hmm. Never knew BuddyPress profiles even existed. Maybe I should combine the two – both BBPress and BuddyPress? Ive read that sometimes the two dont play well togfether so am a bit worried about that. The BBPress profiles are quite basic I think, so would you say that BuddyPress is the same regarding layout etc? Also, going off topic slightly – amr has a search function….is there a way via the BBPress or BuddyPress registration to add a location field that people have to fill in via a drop down menu and not a text box. At the moment I have a text box location in my BBPress registration thingy but its not mandatory, and also members are adding their locations as UK, United Kingdom, Britain, England and such so I have to go in and edit those to say United Kingdom so they come up in the search. Does my message make sense? Ive just got up! Thanks.



    I’ve got it installed and they work perfectly together – of course none software is 100% perfect, every software has bugs to fix and stuff like that but I can’t say there are any strange bugs at the messages module.

    BuddyPress is becoming better and better by each release 1.9 has huge improvements against 1.6 or 1.7.

    The only ‘problem’ is when you install it – it’s very tempting to install all modules and features. You will probably try BuddyPress because of it’s Messages module and you end up using the Messages, Friends, Notifications, Xprofiles modules. 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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