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Any interest? Job offer

  • Hello, I’ve been trying out this product and really loved it. I’m wondering if anyone of the experts out there be interested to help me setup a site with bbpress and wp? Just a simple site will do nothing complex.

    And of course to show my support for this community, I’ll pay for your work =)

    Please let know if there’s any interest?

    Thanks heaps

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  • Please don’t ask for paid help here. It goes against the rules because apparently it leads to bidding and bad behaviour and other undesirable shizzles.

    I’ve got holidays though, I’d be willing to help you out as long as you don’t pay me. Don’t know about expert but I could help set up a simple site ~ no guarantees, of course, first time doing this for someone else. Email me at fel64 is not at (but, you know, take the sarcasm into account) with some details to get the ball rolling.

    Ops sorry abt that. Please disregard my request then.

    fel64 has it right. There is a paid mailing list for WordPress that also takes request for bbPress if you are interested, but discussing commercial projects here is a no no.


    I’ll do it for $$$ :)) pay me

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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