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  • I NEED THIS ANSWER TOOO!!! there so many lazy people like me who dont want to register to make a post!!

    Personally I’d be wary of hosting anonymous posts, due to the guaranteed spam-tidal-wave that would eventually arrive, but I know people who share your justified lazyness regarding the frighteningly bureaucratic “registering”.

    See also: Combined Register + Post, which might describe a happy middle ground.

    In forum I personally thingk that people have tobe responsible for what they write, with anonymous poster people cna swear and insult other or spam without any referencxe to who is the bad guy.

    A simple workaround is to create an user named anonymous with password anonymous and write in the home page that you can post using this user… and after this.. happy moderation time guys ;)

    Is there a way of having moderation queues for user registration and posting??

    Mostly for posting!!

    I need this mod too! :D

    Currently, bbPress is built so that all users must be registered to post. I have heard talk of a plugin for anonymous posting, but nothing in development to my understanding.

    So far, registration on the bbPress side is wide open, but if you are integrated with WordPress there are hacks in WordPress to have admin approval for registration, but only if you change all registration for the forums to the WordPress side versus bbPress.


    <– Need this answer too, it’s really important! Please :D :D :D

    Users on my forum posted 1 or 5 messages, they don’t need registration. But in bbpress database there is no field of Name (post linked with user by poster_id). :( How to make ‘Anonymous post’?

    It can’t be done yet, but I think it was in a discussion on trac that the devs were discussing this, and the plan is to change core files so that a plugin can make it possible. It just won’t be until 1.0 or later is released, sorry.

    i had a look at code trying to do something in this way, but i wasn’t able to find the right function to hook… i can find the pre_post_form and post_form, this one allows me to work only after the post form so i think that in this very moment there is no way to do it, or better there is no way using a plugin…



    Create new Topic: Error :(((

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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