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Anonymous Post By Deleted User

  • Dragonfighter


    Hi all, I am hoping that y’all can help me or at least allay some anxiety.

    I am using WordPress 4.2.2 and b Pres 2.5.7. Guest users posting is unselected and the menu does not even display forums unless the user is logged in. If you know the URL and try to enter it directly you will get a 404 page. I am also using bb P private groups 3.0.7. Registered users are only allowed as spectators until promoted AND placed in one of the private groups.

    So today I deleted a user from the site and chose to delete all content. Later I found out he had posted to the forums complaining about his “treatment”. It was under “Anonymous” and showed the role of “Participant”. I also noted that his other posts, which I had not deleted showed “Anonymous” for the user. I have since deleted all of his posts and blocked the posting IP.

    The questions are these. Is there an exploit or some known issue where an anonymous user can post even though no guests can even see the forums, much less post in them? OR, was he able to still see the menu item and post as anonymous because his previous posts were still there?

    If the latter then I can rest a little easier as it should be handled. However if anyone knows why this happened, I’d be obliged if it could be explained.


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  • Robin W


    hmmm.. I can’t immediately see how that would be done.

    so you have

    settings>forums ‘Allow guest users without accounts to create topics and replies’ unchecked?

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