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Anonymous Post

  • Hello can you do anonymous post in bbpress.

    i would like my users to be able to post anonymously. if so how do you handle spaming?

    also is anyone aware of any legal issues regarding this.

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  • okay so i found some talk about anonymous post.

    it seem like there is no solution at the moment other than a suggestion of ‘anonymous’ ‘anonymous username/password combo.

    how about a simple plugin that ask to decode a number sequence like in facebook.

    does anyone have anything like this?

    rashantha-just tackled this one earlier in the week. Check out,

    Spam is really an issue, not sure how to solve it. 20 minutes after I set it up I received my first spamming. Maybe you make users fill out a verification number before they can post. Don’t know if any such solution exists. Another option is to get a plugin, name escapes me that makes it so posts must be approved.


    i am new to bbpress, but adding a calculation field or a random set of graphic letters ie facebook shouldn’t be a difficult problem.

    guess it’s time to look plug in technology. i was attracted to bbpress because of the customization.

    but it looks like small issues can become big headaches like the permalink issue !

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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