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Anonymous can’t view new topics

  • I installed bbpress 0.8.1 at I found a plugin to convert SMF forums into bbpress. It all went perfectly, I thought. All users are present, all previous posts are visible to everyone.

    But when I make a new post, it is not visible for visitors who are not logged in. Once you login, you can see the new posts.

    Is this normal behavior or did something go wrong with the conversion? Visitors should not log in to read, they need to login to post.


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  • You have it right. Visitors don’t need to login to view, only post. I went to your site and am a visitor and never got asked once to view posts with a login (which bbPress can’t do without a plugin anyway). Could you give an example of a URL that this happens?




    Sounds like it was a problem with the import somehow. If we weren’t previous users under SMF, I doubt we’d be able to experience this (since it only happens with new posts and old users, if I understand correctly.)

    Seems like this is some kind of cache problem. I tested it in 3 different browsers on my Ubuntu box, clearing the cache, nothing worked until I restarted my box. So I think somehow the cache got messed up.



    I am having a problem when renaming a forum title, the permalinks always created based on the initial forum title so i turn off permalinks, another problem is when i use the private forum plugin when i rename a forum topic it is dissappear to member and non registered user even if it is “open for all” topic. please help



    litepanther, please start a new topic for your issue. Then I will delete your post here.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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