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Annoying problem with html filter, Please help!

  • dubbinz


    Hi I have had this problem for a while where normal members of my buddypress site cannot post html into posts. As you know html is restricted for security reasons however I am ok with removing this restriction but I do not know how to

    1. add more allowed tags to the filter
    2. remove the filter so normal members can post unrestricted (yes I know the risks)

    I have made a video displaying the problem and why I need to do this, I made it for my developer who is a paid for professional from India (the video made it easier for him to understand as his English is not great xD ) but he is having problems editing the filter.

    I shown him this thread which seems to have some information but every script posted here he seems to be having problems with.

    I have to find some way to allow users to post this content. This is just haunting me because I am getting so many complaints from my community that I may even have to dump bbpress/buddypress altogether and create a normal vbuletin forums which I REALLY do not want to do at all.

    Here is a video of my problem. is my website

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