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Announce new topics via Twitter

  • Hi there,

    nowadays everybody is using twitter for everything – so why don’t use it for something useful? :-)

    I think it would be nice to announce a new topic to a specific twitter-account so that people will know when to visit the forums.

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  • There is a plugin already that does this (has been for a couple of months now).

    Whoops, I was thinking of a WordPress plugin. Maybe you could modify it for bbPress?

    Hu :-) I’ve been searching this forum before posting, so I thought I had really missed something in first place :-)

    Yea, the plugin is for WordPress, I think I will try if I can make it work for bbPress…

    try twitter feed auto-posts to twitter when an rss feed gets updated. works with any rss feed!

    Rhys Wynne


    Should be very straightforward to do from the wordpress base. Could be nice to do it for both wordpress and bbpress.

    If the twitter API can bring in an RSS feed, it can pull your bbPress feed for sure. That would be what the wordpress plugin is doing anyways. Just need to look into that I would guess.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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