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anchor tag ignored – posting/using "link" button

  • freshwater


    making a post in my bbpress/wordpress forum site, i click the “link” in the wysiwig editor, add link and title then post, all the text, images put in with “img” button work except the front end post ignores the anchor tag. i can see the tag is there when i go back to edit the post.

    here is the copied tag which bbpress generated:
    ++<+a href=”; title=”Turning the Tide of History: Maui Waters Flow Again After 150 Years” target=”_blank”></+a>++ (i had to put plus sign + in the code because this post/ forum is ignoring the tag too)

    here is the post
    you can see the above anchor tag in the page source using a web browser.

    i can’t remember if i’ve ever used the button before in the last years. this id is the admin so it’s got to have authority to use this tag, it shows up in the wysiwig editor.

    thanks for any help!

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