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always logged on / security issue ?

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  • I did it again (restarting the pc) and now i see that this forum does the same thing – i did not need to log in to post this message. Ok, i will accept this as a normal bbPress feature, am i right?

    I don’t know about “feature”, but all it means is that it sets a cookie that isn’t cleared until a week from when you log in. Unless you log out, that cookie remains. In WordPress, you can untick the “Remember Me” thing; I don’t know if bbPress can (yet) be configured to not remember you like that.

    If you’re worried, just log out when you’re done.

    Thank you. Well, if it is save enough, then i should leave it as it is. I am just worried about the server because i am expecting a few dosen of members. My 1st website was overwritten once (aaaaahhh!…), therefore i am interested in all the measures against bad luck.

    I wonder if there is some code in bbPress where i can change its cookie’s life duration? I think i came accross it somewhere in but cannot remember now where exactly.

    The #1 thing to do is to backup regularly. You can’t be 100% sure that you’re safe – but if you have a backup it’s not a particularly big deal. :) If you use WordPress use the backup plugin for that and include the bb tables too.

    If someone else users your computer and you’re still logged in, then they have access to everything you have access to. You can’t do much damage through bbPress; deleting posts etc. isn’t permanent, for example. What you should be concerned about (if you reckon someone nasty is going to get to your computer at all) is your FTP, database and hosting admin access.

    all right, i will sleep well then :)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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