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Alpha 7…anytime soon????

  • grassrootspa


    I love you guys, but will Alpha 7 be out anytime soon?

    It’s been around January or so since the last beta.

    Realistically speaking, will we see the Beta version in a month or so, or more like a half a year or more???

    I’m really excited about bbPress and can’t wait to utilize a stable version on a live site.

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  • Tom Lynch


    If you take a look on the forum there has been quite a lot of discussion, ck would seem to think and probably rightly that 1.0 will not be out before the year is over, so it could be that alpha 7 pops up at some point but beta is a way of I would assume as they have made quite slow progress because only 1/2 of them are working on it however I believe another person has returned from the wordpress camp to help out.

    I am sure ck will chime in soon enough!



    Here’s what you should have read before posting this question:

    Not sure what your rush is for alpha 7 unless you aren’t using any of my plugins.

    I will not be supporting 1.0 any further until it is final release which may not happen this year. You should only be using 0.9 on live sites, it’s very stable.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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