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Alpha 2 and WP 2.6.3 Integrated Install Failed

  • chrishajer


    I just thought I would share my experience with an attempt at an integrated installation. I downloaded WordPress 2.6.3 via svn and then created a directory forum and downloaded bbPress alpha 2 via svn there. I modified the wp-config.php by hand and installed WordPress just fine. I didn’t do any further configuration of WordPress.

    Then I went to install bbPress with an attempt at integration. Things were going along pretty smoothly. (As an aside: I think the installer should tell you when it first asks for the keys that you don’t need to worry about them here if you’re going to be integrating, since you will be entering WordPress keys at a later point. I wasted time generating new keys here which end up being unused.) I selected all the integration settings, but did not use custom user tables. I got to step 3 and it said “Your installation completed with some minor errors. See the error log below for more specific information. ” The error below was “Forum could not be created!” (I’ve had that happen before.)

    Since this was a minor error, I figured I would just continue and see how it goes. Clicking the link to my forum results in a Redirect Loop error in Firefox3. The page hangs for a while, never loads, then times out.

    I just figured I would share that experience here. If anyone wants more information, please let me know.

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  • Xevo


    I have the exact same problem, luckily the site isn’t online yet, but I really need wordpress 2.6.x and bbpress to work together..

    Anyone know when they are planning to bring out a (more) stable version of bbpress 1?



    Yes, that’s the plan. No idea when that might be though. Some people are having success with this version. I just wasn’t one of them.

    I have the same problem… I have installed today wp2.6.3 and bbp1.0-alpha1(fr), and I have the same “minor” problem : no forum. I’m happy it’s not a “major” problem ! ;-)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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