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Allowing Participants to View Hidden Forums

  • aaclayton


    I’ve managed to wrap my head around the new bbpress forum roles system pretty well, but unfortunately I think there is a minor flaw in its construction that prevents the flexibility in capability allocation that we had before this addition.

    I have several groups of users on my site who participate in a special set of forums that are grouped within a forum category which is HIDDEN. I had previously allowed users who attain appropriate qualifications to participate in these hidden discussion forums by assigning them an elevated site role like “Contributor” which possessed the “Read Hidden Forums” capability.

    The issue is now that forum roles have entered the picture, the “Participant” rank seems to override the “Contributors” ability to read hidden forums. I cannot manage to get any user the ability to view hidden forums unless they possess a forum role of moderator or keymaster. This poses an issue in my case, because I simply want these users to participate in hidden forums, but not have the ability to moderate them.

    To summarize, it seems that bbp_participant’s lack of read_hidden_forums overrides my site role that actually has this capability assigned. What would be ideal is if I can assign these bbpress capabilities to a sitewide role, which would allow that role to supersede the capability set of a participant.

    I’d welcome any thoughts or advice,

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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