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Allow Guests to post through moderation + Social login

  • terotolkki


    I am trying to achieve the following:

    Allow users to post as guests but those would always go to moderation first. Registered users can post normally.

    Allow users to register to my forum through some social plugin so they don’t need to register yet to another website. I just haven’t found a suitable social plugin that would help with this.

    Point with all this is to lower the bar for people to start using the forum.

    Any help would he highly appreciated.

    I am running WordPress version 5.4 and bbPress version is 2.6.4. Website is in coming soon mode so I can’t provide a link to it.

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  • Robin W


    for moderation This one still works as far as I know and would let you moderate guest posts

    bbPress – Moderation Tools

    as for registration, bbpress just uses WordPress registration, so a plugin that does that would be fine. You don’t state what plugins you have tried, and why they didn’t work – if you find one that is close, come back.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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