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Allow guest to only reply to topics (no topic creation)

  • GuardianWisp


    I’ve hit a brick wall trying to figure this out.

    This is what I intend to do:

    1. Replace comments with bbPress Replies (can easily be done using with ‘bbPress Topics for Posts’ plugin)
    2. Allow Guests/Anonymous replies (again done easily through Forums settings – “Anonymous posting”).

    At this point I ran into problem. I only want guest/anonymous users to be able to post replies against “Topics for Posts” but not necessarily want them to create topic. bbPress doesn’t seem to have any settings for that.

    So here I am, seeking community suggestions to do that. Help!

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  • Hi,
    Have a look at my bbP Toolkit plugin. It has the option to close forums (so reply only) but still leave some roles create topics.
    Hope it helps.

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