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All setting use cache

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  • chrishajer


    From the FAQ:

    serialized and boolean data (true/false) cannot be edited at this time for safety reasons - that may eventually change

    Based on that, I don’t think you can, at least not with this version.



    BTW, _ck_, that’s a very cool plugin. Not sure how I missed the announcement on that one.

    Because my bbpress “Page made in 0.317 seconds, 29 queries. ” . I am using bbPress 1.0 Alpha

    and installed plugins is


    bbPress Polls

    BBcode Buttons Toolbar

    All Settings

    Allow Images

    bbPress Web Compression (bb-gzip)

    Forum is category

    BBPress Private Messaging





    leoleoleo (and everyone) put this line into bb-config.php (before the “stop editing” part)

    $bb->load_options = true;

    That should slice at least 100ms off that time and reduce the queries by half. I still don’t understand why it’s not the bbPress default.

    “Forum is category” is not needed under bbPress 1.0 which does category forums internally.

    Also, the bb-gzip plugin is only necessary if your server does not already compress pages, which is rare these days, so make sure you are not duplicating the effort.

    Some of my plugins are still not optimized for 1.0 so they might be slower or cause more queries than under 0.9

    Thanks for help _CK_, In 1.0 Alpha bb-config.php not “stop editing” I already add the “$bb->load_options = true;” under define(‘BB_LANG’, ”);”.

    I like bbpress best for wordpress.And how to reduce database queries in 1.0 Alpha?



    How many forums do you have total?

    There is a big performance problem with 1.0 that I have pointed out to Sam and MDA which I hope they fix.

    1.0, unlike bbPress 0.9, loads each forum separately and then each forum’s metadata separately. This creates a huge number of queries – each forum makes 2 queries, ie. a dozen forums makes the front page use at least 24+6 queries. bbPress 0.9 would only use a single query to load them all (this was before metadata was added to forums). When it is eventually optimized, no matter how many forums you have it will use only two queries instead.



    Looks like they have already fixed that ticket in Changeset 1644.

    I already had the “$bb->load_options = true;” part, but I am setting up a forum with 17 forums as categories and 176 forums total. There are currently no topics, but here are the page load stats from the front page:

    0.391 – 405 queries

    For a single forum page:

    0.148 – 359 queries

    After patching bb-includes/functions.php I get this for the front page:

    0.294 – 55 queries

    And for a single forum page:

    0.095 – 9 queries

    Thanks a million _ck_.

    Thanks _CK_, How to use the “big performance problem with 1.0 that I have pointed out to Sam and MDA “?

    I have 5 categories and 13forums.

    OK now. I done the “Changeset 1644″ļ¼ŒFrontpage 32 -> 22 queries, In topic 25 -> 18 queries.

    If 1.0 stable version will use the cache system?



    There is no actual page cache in bbPress. The cache setting you see is meant for the *object* cache which is meant to store things like the user data and the forum data in shared memory (memcache) for multi-server environments. It could be used on a single server but the performance increase might be trivial compared to a good cache on the mysql db since the core “engine” still has to load.

    The only real cache that could speed up bbPress is a page cache like wp-super-cache which bypasses the WP engine entirely. It would have to be ported eventually. But that only helps for users that are not logged in and the idea of a forum is for people to be logged in and interacting.

    Currently I cache parts of pages like the front-page tag cloud on my own installs but I have not released the plugin for that.

    Speaking of tags, while they may have fixed the forum query count in the trunk, I now see another problem where apparently bbPress 1.0 is making a query for EACH tag in the tag cloud. Once they fix that, queries should go down again.

    If fixed how to know that?

    Super thanks _CK_ !!



    You’ll know when your query count goes down. You may not even have the bug in your version of the alpha. I think it’s only present in the newest trunk versions. If your front-page query count increases for every new tag you have in the tag cloud, then you have the bug.

    There is also a bug I just fixed in bb-topic-views 1.6.2 but I don’t think you use that plugin.

    OK! Super thanks x 2 times! _CK_

    I like install and test plugins, but I know if install a lot plugins will make the forum slow.

    If the bbPress can every page keep 5-10 queries is best of best of best.

    Is setting up this code in bb-config.php still important fpr bb 1.02 as it became part of bb-settings-php?

    $bb->load_options = true;

    kind regards




    No, the problem is much worse in 1.0.x

    Not only does the setting have no effect, 1.0 has a “reserved” option list which forces all foreign options (ie. set by plugins) to default to non-autoload, causing an extra query for each one unless they specifically add themselves to the auto-load list.

    So other than hacking nearly every single existing plugin, you can try my workaround:

    Big thx, I’ll have a look!

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