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All forum Links suddenly redirect to HOMEPAGE?

  • zlbounceidea


    WP Install 4.5.1
    BBPRESS Install Version 2.6-alpha
    Link to Site brings a Coming Soon from a Plugin. Alternative?
    X Theme 4.4.2 w/Child Theme

    I am a super novice at WP/BBPress so trying to figure out where this issue arose from is very difficult and tricky. No idea on what baby steps to take to fix, though I’ve tried a few.

    ISSUE: When clicking any forum tab/link whether it is the “forum” or “search” or a topic etc. tab, now suddenly sends back to the Homepage, though it worked fine the first couple weeks.

    The strangest part is I first noticed it no longer working after clicking the forum tab, which reverts back to homepage instead of forum list page – then as I was trying to figure out why, even clicking a Topic’s Header link put me back to the homepage, though it worked minutes before – then next the “Search” Forum field would revert back to homepage after hitting ENTER to search a forum I typed in, though that worked minutes before that. Strange how it got worse almost one by one, yet not sure I did a whole lot in that time.

    I tried the uninstall/reinstall of BBpress even having my host at in motion help me, also deleted and cleared cache files, but the new install does the exact same thing.

    Sadly I am no developer, so figuring out an issue that one moment was working then a cascade effect makes the whole plugin ineffective contributes to me posting here.

    Hopefully it is just a minor tweak that with your help I can fix, but I would like to understand how this likely happened so I can make sure it does not occur when the site is operational.

    I also tried a couple recent plug in deactivates etc. but that didn’t seem to do much either.

    Thanks for any guidance!

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