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All deleted posts becoming undeleted

  • I’ve had this very odd issue suddenly crop up. All deleted posts on my forum have automatically become undeleted. Basically the post_status field in the bb_posts table is getting reset to 0 for all posts.

    I’m running bbpress 1.02 that’s deep integrated with WP Multisite 3.0.1 (with Buddpress It’s deep integrated, but I run bbpress by itself, NOT as a component of Buddypress (in the groups component). The site’s been running for a year and I’ve never experienced this issue until now.

    Is there any code in bbpress that could cause something like this? Reseting all posts?

    My web host recently upgraded PHP from 5.2.13 to 5.2.14 very recently, could there be some kind of incompatibility?

    Another side-effect of this is that it throws off paging on topics and cuts off newer posts in the topic. The number of pages shown for each post stays the same even though deleted posts are visible again so this essentially pushes newer posts back. Doing a recount doesn’t fix this.

    I’m having a hard time finding the cause although I somehow reproduced the problem. I had thought a moderator had restored deleted posts so I was going back deleting some posts that had been undeleted. When I was all done, I did a full recount. A few minutes later I found that all the posts that I had just re-deleted were restored again! I tried deleting some more posts and doing some recounts haven’t been able to reproduce the problem again.

    I’m running the following plugins:

    – Ajaxed Quote 1.2

    – Allow Images 0.8

    – BBcode Lite 1.0.3

    – bbPress Moderation Suite 0.1-rc2

    – bbPress signatures 0.2.0

    – bbPress Smilies 0.0.8

    – bb Topic Views 1.6.4

    – BBVideo 0.24

    – BuddyBar in bbPress 1.0.4

    – Forum Last Poster 0.0.5

    – Hidden Forums 0.0.9

    – Post Count Plus 1.1.11

    I’ve been running these plugins for a long time. The most recent one was bbpress Moderation Suite but I tested it pretty extensively on a development site (mirror) without issue.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  • chrishajer


    There was a serious bug in earlier version of bbPress:

    If you delete a topic without any posts, you UNDELETE all posts, even posts on other topics.

    Maybe a moderator did that, deleted a topic without posts? I think it’s probably something related to moderation.

    It’s fixed in the latest trunk release.

    Yep, that’s probably it. Thanks for pointing this out! At least now I know why it’s happening.

    That IS a pretty serious bug, but there is no public, stable release of bbpress that contains this fix. Latest version is 1.02 and it’s affected by this bug.

    How safe is it to run the trunk version on a production site with existing 1.x plugins? You guys seem very close to having a stable release – milestone 1.03 has no open tickets and 1.1 only has 3.



    Trunk is very stable. If you can install by subversion, that will be best because you will get the required backpress. If you grab the trunk from you won’t get backpress (or Akismet I think.)

    Can you install via svn in a shell? If not, I can package up the trunk release and make it available for download for you.

    I checked out the trunk version through svn. I’ve got the trunk version running and it indeed fixes this bug.

    Thanks so much for the help!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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