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  • Hi guys.

    I haven’t been running bbPress long, but I’ve had this one problem with Akismet so far, that freaked me out. In that I have no idea why it happens.

    I had a user last night sign up, go straight to a thread where users post their myspace pages, and post his. And bam, Akismet said spam, and bbpress said “bozo”.

    Every subsequent post by this guy was held back as spam. I finally had the presence of mind to edit his profile and saw he was marked as a bozo. I changed the 1 to 0, thinking naturally that it was a logical flag, which indeed it is, but still every new post by this guy was getting marked as spam. I went into mysql and queried bb_usermeta with his user_id, and saw there was an is_bozo = 0 in there. I deleted that row, but still, all new posts by him were getting marked as spam. And the bozo thing wasn’t returning.

    Eventually I disabled Akismet. Now, naturally, there are no posts getting marked as spam. But I had to re-enable Akismet because there were still a couple of posts I hadn’t marked as “not spam”, and when Akismet isn’t installed, you can’t mark things as spam/not spam.

    I’m running my forum with a few people (around 10) in it at the moment, just to test it out before I start advertising it more. So it’s not a huge problem, but the point is it really freaked me out that this could happen on a daily basis to alot of users if I had Akismet turned on and a bunch of new registrations.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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  • When this happens, I usually tell that user to make a new profile. I haven’t come across a fix (although I admittedly haven’t look very hard).

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